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jPOS SoftwareThe jPOS Graphics Software and hardware POS (Point of Sale) packages are becoming more and more popular throughout the Northeastern United States as the most practical and versatile systems for convenient stores, as well as many other retail and wholesale POS needs.

Sharkey Graphic Solutions is your local provider for jPOS Graphic Design Services. If you are using the jPOS point of sale displays for outside advertising revenue, then consider using our services to create the digital graphics for your clients’ advertisements to make them as eye-catching as possible. Sharkey Graphic Solutions completely understands sizing and resolution for jPOS monitor displays, so your clients’ ads won’t be stretched or distorted by having to use exactly what they supply you with.

Shown below is an example of just one of our clients using our jPOS graphic design services. Consider having us take this inconvenience off from your back by contacting us today to deal with every jPOS video display ad as fast as you get them in! Under normal circumstances, we provide a 24-Hour turn time on all jPOS ad designs. Extra turn time is required on packages of 10 or more graphics.

jPOS - Details

jPOS display advertisements are available to store owners at the following sizes:

7.39” x 6.3” & 14.45” x 6.22” (orientation for both sizes is always “landscape”).

Please supply all graphics possible for each advertisement.

We highly recommend that you run each ad for no longer than 1-3 months for maximum effectiveness.

Buy Now by calling us at 207-655-8668, and ask for Craig. Please have your credit card ready when calling.

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