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QR Codes

QR Codes, also referred to as “Quick Reader Codes” or “EZcodes,” have become more and more popular over the past few years as an efficient and effective marketing tool to reach your clients in a highly convenient and technology-driven way. Sharkey Graphic Solutions is here and ready to create your QR Codes, as well incorporate them into your artwork as requested.

How it Works...

Most smart phone users can download the free QR Code Reader Application to their cell phone at “no cost,” if they don’t already have it. With this app, they have the ability to scan your code in fractions of a second from any media that you place your code on; which can include business cards, sell sheets, billing statements, web media or any other type of item limited only by your imagination.

QR Code Options...

Our 3 most common QR Code choices are listed below, but several other options are available as well.

  • CHOICE A: This choice allows you to place any URL link (including your website) within this code. When your prospective client scans the code, their smart phone will automatically bring up your web site or any web location entered in the code.
  • CHOICE B: This choice allows you to enter up to 250 characters of text, which displays on your phone when the QR Code is scanned.
  • CHOICE C: This choice allows you to embed any telephone number you wish into the QR Code. When this code is scanned, the telephone number appears on your smart phone and asks the user if he or she wishes to make the call.
  • OTHER CHOICES: Additional QR Code choices include Facebook, Contact, Coupon, Vcard & SMS.

Please feel free to test the examples below with your QR Code Reader Device (available at the App Store)

QR Codes

Who Uses QR Codes?

QR Codes are now being utilized by several small companies, which you may not know, as well as many large ones, which you may. Examples of just a few of the larger companies using QR Codes you might recognize are listed below.

  • Heineken placed QR Codes on all packaging to link to free mobile apps like Music Trivia and Find a Taxi.
  • The movie, Surrogates, offered a chance to win tickets to the premiere through a QR Code.
  • Esquire Magazine QR Codes link to items of clothing with options to buy, and editorial content.
  • A book called “Brand Digital” by Allen Adamson uses a code that links to its Amazon page for purchase.
  • Sears used QR Codes to show product reviews, specs and more in categories like power tools and electronics.
  • CB Richard Ellis used QR Codes to promote commercial properties.
QR Code Samples