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Sharkey Graphic Solutions

Business Card Design

Sharkey Graphic Solutions designs a lot of business cards for a multitude of businesses and organizations. We also understand the important differences in file preparation for a four-color process business card verses a raised printing business card, or any other type of business card that works best for your business.

Our design team creates your business cards specifically and uniquely for you with the quality and care that you deserve. That means that we do not force you into using a standard template and call it “close enough” with an inferior design. Other offers out there may seem like an unbelievable deal, but try to remember that more often than not, the old saying really is true, and you really do get what you pay for.

If you’d like to have your business cards designed to your true satisfaction, then we should be your designer! We are most confident that you will be completely thrilled with your results. Displayed below are a few examples of our business card designs for your viewing. If you’d like to see more, contact us today!

Cut your business card graphics costs by 50-100% by utilizing our printing division at “Little Guy Press”.

Trade Policy – It is the ethical policy of Sharkey Graphic Solutions to decline printing requests from anyone who is an existing client of any printers or print brokers who we are currently providing graphic design services to without their full consent and approval. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.