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Flip Page Books

“Interactive Flip Page Books” or Flipping Page Books are a great way to take your newsletter or sales brochure online and to the ultimate level. If you are printing any type of book or newsletter, creating an “Interactive Flip Page Book” keeps your print runs low, and will impress your technology-driven readers. If you would like to have the “WOW Factor” built into your online magazines, books or brochures, we offer the most state of the art flip page books available today! At Sharkey Graphics Solutions we can design your printed material as well as converting it to an “Interactive Flip Page Book,” which can be posted and linked to on your website or simply emailed to your clients using the link we provide.

Some of the features available on your Interactive Flip Page Book include the following:

  • A huge assortment of background skins, which can even be a unique photo of your choice, such as a scenic landscape or a peaceful sunset.
  • Multiple “Page-Flip” options are available.
  • Internal Links throughout (Includes “Table of Contents Links,” “Advertiser Index Links,” “Back to Contents Page Links” and so on).
  • Web links to various websites or web pages can be included.
  • Email links to open your email with the address automatically placed in the address field, eliminating mistyping addresses.

If you feel that an interactive online publication could work well for you, then let’s talk? Call Sharkey Graphic Solutions today and ask for Craig to discuss the possibilities.

Below are just a few examples of “Interactive Flip Page Books” which we have created for our clients. If you have not seen this before, please check them out. If you have, please check it out anyway and let us know how it compares to others you have already tried using.

We recommend using a full-size device when viewing these samples.

Flip Page Books - Pricing

  • 4-32 Pages (With up to 64 Internal or External Links) $50.00
  • 34-100 Pages (With up to 200 Internal or External Links) $100.00
  • 102-200 Pages (With up to 400 Internal or External Links) $150.00
  • 202-300 pages (With up to 600 Internal or External Links) $175.00
  • 302-400 Pages (With up to 800 Internal or External Links) $200.00
  • 402-500 pages (With up to 1,000 Internal or External Links) $225.00

* Each Additional Internal or External Link $0.50

Flip Page Books - Order

Order Steps

1. Place your order by calling us at 207-655-8668, and ask for Craig. Please have your credit card ready when calling.
2. Send us your file by selecting the “Upload Files” button. Upload files

Please allow 2-3 business days to receive your completed flip book via your email address supplied.
Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices indicated anywhere on this site are current and will be honored. Any purchases made prior to any price increases will be honored at the price paid.