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Vector Recreations

Vector Recreations – There are primarily two types of graphics. These two types of images are referred to as “Vector Graphics” and “Continuous Tones.”

Vector graphics are line-based (or geometrical-based images). Vector graphics have several benefits over continuous tone images when they can be used. Since vector graphics can not be used for web purposes, they are only applicable to printing.

Continuous tones are dot-based (or pixel-based) images. These types of images are used for the web, or printing in gray scale, four-color process and duotone. When using continuous tones, dot (or pixel) resolution plays an important role. 72 ppi (pixels per inch) is ideal for web use while 300 dpi (dots per inch) is ideal for printing. When continuous tone images are enlarged, theie resolution proportionately reduces. This is where the term “Low Res.” (or low resolution) comes from. If you have ever had your printer tell you that your images are too low res. for quality printing, this is what they are talking about. When you print an image that is low in resolution this will result in printing that is blurry or heavily pixilated.

In this section we will be displaying examples of poor quality and/or low resolution continuous tone images, which we recreated in Adobe Illustrator to become high quality vector images. Consider choosing Sharkey Graphic Solutions for your vector graphic needs.

Vector Benefits

Since resolution does not apply to vector graphics, vector images can be enlarged to literally any size needed with no loss of quality.

Vector graphics are always clearer and sharper than continuous tone images.

Vector graphics are usually much smaller in file size than continuous tone images.

Vector graphics are often required for silk-screening purposes such as T-Shirts. They are also the preferred format for several other items such as signage, vehicle printing, engraving, award plaques, labels, various specialty bags and more.